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Musiche Per Un Telefilm


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*First re-release ever – 500 copies on clear orange vinyl* “Musiche per un Telefilm” by A.R. Luciani and Paolo Renosto is an exclusive release by Redi Edizioni Musicali, an historical company from Milan that, in addition to curating the digital catalogue of Edizioni Leonardi’s library music and sonorizzazioni, is also re-printing faithful vinyl reproductions of the most prestigious titles from Leonardi’s catalogue. These records were originally released in very limited editions, often as not-for-sale promotional material, and many of the original LP’s are now very rare and collectibles almost impossible to find!

Musiche per un Telefilm” is the second title in the Redi Edizioni library music LP reissue series. Originally released in 1970 on Leo Records label, this musical masterpiece consisting of 19 tracks for 19 different musical themes, completely immerses the listeners in an ambience of both tension and anguish but also fun and relaxation, just as if they were in their very own television show!
Antonio Riccardo Luciani, composer and keyboard player, was one of the most prolific artists in the Italian television and soundtrack world. His “Chanson Balladée” written in 1976 was the theme song for “L’Almanacco del Giorno” (RAI) for 15 years. He is best known and remembered for “Tecnica di un Colpo di Stato” (1978).
Paolo Renosto, composer, maestro, lyricist and pianist, wrote and released synchronization records under the pseudonym of Lesiman. He was a pioneer and one of the best interpreters of library music.


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