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Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-1967 Vol. 1


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Originally released in 2012 and long out of print, Down under Nuggets is a highly exciting treasure trove of frantic garage hits . There’s no filler in this two fuzz drenched volumes, just gem after gem of wild, untamed 60’s Rock’n[Roll from the land of Oz. 29 tracks total (15 on Volume 1 and 14 on Volume 2) of manic, loud and in your face teenage angst from luminaries such as the Missing Links, the Black Diamonds, the Purple Hearts, the Loved Ones, the Lost Souls, the Throb, the Wild Cherries and many more. You even get early and surprisingly raw stompers from the likes of better known bands as the Easybeats or the Bee Gees and the legendary full/length 5>29 version of the Sunsets- classic -The Hot Generation-. Absolutely essential for any 60’s Garage rock fan with a pinch on blood on his veins. 1-The Master-s Apprentices> Buried And Dead 2 -The Elois> By My Side 3 -The Black Diamonds> I Want, Need, Love You 4 -The Atlantics> Come On 5 -The Purple Hearts >Early In The Morning 6 -The Missing Links> Wild About You 7 -The Creatures> Ugly Thing 8 -The Lost Souls> This Life Of Mine 9 -The Moods> Rum Drunk 10 -Derek-s Accent> Ain-t Got No Feeling 11 -The Bee Gees> Like Nobody Else 12 -Barrington Davis> Raining Teardrops 13 -The D-Coys> Bad Times 14 -The In-Sect> Let This Be A Lesson 15 -Steve & The Board> I Want


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