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Screaming Dead achieved a stable formation with Sam Bignall (vocals), Tony McKormack (guitar), Mal Page (bass) and Hugh Fairline (drums). It was 1979 and turn, with Demob, the most prominent punk band area-Cheltenham Gloucester.

They recorded a first demo, "Western Front" (1982), in a local studio in Cheltenham achieving very good reviews of the magazine Rising Free. The next demo, "Children of the Stones Boneyard" (1982), was published with the seal of Bristol Recreational Tapes, and was accompanied with a copy of the fanzine Warcry.

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p1">The band sounded raw and rudimentary in their first films and the single. His music was mostly fast and urgent punk. However, with the 12 "single" Night Creatures "direct his style seemed to slightly darker atmospheres.

Screaming Dead music undergoes further developments with the signing of Nick Upton as a saxophonist. Inspired by X-Ray Spex.

Sam was referring to the individualistic spirit of each band of the first wave of punk to explain the distance separating Screaming Dead pure gothic punk "Gothic rock had not even started when we played with the paint with which we did (...) A we are all interested in the subject of horror and it was like we wanted to present. It had nothing to do with any desire to be Gothic, "a label he reserved for Bauhaus and Sex Gang Children.

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