Box Bedroom Rebels Volume 1: '...For Friends'


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A1 –Water World “Dead” 3:04
A2 –The Faded Tapes “I Will Race You” 4:23
A3 –Temple Songs “Dragging You Down” 2:39
A4 –Mini Dresses “River” 2:39
A5 –Tape Waves “Somewhere” 4:25
A6 –The Arctic Flow “Lost Wishes” 3:36
A7 –Mini Dresses “Watching You” 3:05
A8 –Temple Songs “…” 0:20
A9 –Yosoy “Mistakes” 2:29
B1 –Tape Waves “Drifting” 4:07
B2 –Horsebeach “Even” 4:22
B3 –The Arctic Flow “I Know A Place” (Fast Instrumental Version) 3:42
B4 –Adult Books “Girl Space Friend” 2:54
B5 –Sur “Southern Boy” 4:22
B6 –The Scottish Enlightenment “Black Dog (Toad Session)” 3:08
B7 –The Arctic Flow “Harbour Grey” 0:44
B8 –The Faded Tapes “New Song” 2:58
C1 –The Watchmakers “Waves” 5:44
C2 –Sur “Nay’s Song” 5:19
C3 –Temple Songs “Luxury Lice 1:55
C4 –Adult Books “Bedsit Infamies 2:48
C5 –Water World “Cream Soda 2:20
C6 –Lost Tapes Cry & Lie 3:06
C7 –Horsebeach “Avoid The Light” 3:53
C8 –Unhappy Shoppers “Aisle 6” 2:02
D1 –Lost Tapes “Lost In Youth” 3:47
D2 –Unhappy Shoppers “Horsepower & The Modern Slog” 2:43
D3 –Horsebeach “How Long Must I Wait?” 4:12
D4 –Yosoy “Running” 4:30
D5 –The Watchmakers “Summer Of Love (Acoustic)” 2:22
D6 –The Arctic Flow “Flightless Birds” 0:41
D7 –Yosoy “Talk” 3:27
D8 –The Scottish Enlightenment “The Strong Force” 5:18


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