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La Mugre Y El Turia


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Eighties were also lived through punk in Valencia. If there was RockOla in Madrid, La Jaula in Bilbao and Zeleste in Barcelona, the city besides Turia river had with Primera Planta or Gasolinera, to give just two examples, the adequate habitat for a sufficiently ample list of groups to provide arguments to those who wants to speak of local musical scenes. There was more than enough punk in Seguridad Social’s first recordings, provocative and incorrect before their evolution to some other type of sounds; there was also punk in the stories about Second World War brothels composed by Interterror or the young rebellion anthems sung afterwards by La Resistencia. In addition to this, it was with Guerrilla Sub, Acción Directa, Nuevo Ejército de Salvación (N.E.S.), Las Terribles and many more that Valencia got also included in Iberian 80s punk map.

Bands recovered in this vinyl exemplified perfectly two of the most interesting versions of all such activity. On the one hand, Generación 77 and Áridos were closer to revisionist attempts of 1977 English spirit, with tendencies to epic guitar melodies. And on the other hand, Extrema Cordialidad Homicida and Crénom offered a version which involved a lyrical component of dark existentialist agony, with dense songs sometimes too cryptic to be digested by all publics. Different options with the same desire for transgression and provocation. 


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