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More than four decades after its original release, a minor album by an obscure artist from the Vanguard catalog is finally reissued on vinyl. There are recordings on the Vanguard label by more famous artists than Marc Jonson, and discs that far outsold “Years” – but this collection has stood the test of time on its head, sounding more relevant today than when it was first pressed in 1972.The maturity of these songs – both musically and lyrically – belie the youth of their writer/composer/performer/producer. Were this just a story about a wunderkind who’d gone unnoticed in his time, ... Ver más
that would be interesting and satisfying enough, but “Years” is not only a stunning debut, but a harbinger of the promise of a young artist one would hope to follow for years to come – promise that was ultimately fulfilled by his subsequent albums, “Twelve In A Room” and “Last Night On The Rollercoaster” among others. Ver menos



LP + 7″